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docs: Re-register cyclades when upgrading to 0.16

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......@@ -366,6 +366,22 @@ For more information on how to setup snf-vncauthproxy check the
snf-vncauthproxy `documentation <>`_
and `upgrade notes <>`_.
4.4 Re-register service and resource definitions
The Cyclades service definition has been updated and needs to be registered
again. On the Astakos node, run::
astakos-host$ snf-component-register cyclades
This will detect that the Cyclades component is already registered and ask
to re-register. Answer positively. You need to enter the base URL and the UI
URL for Cyclades, just like during the initial registration.
.. note::
You can run ``snf-manage component-list -o name,base_url,ui_url`` to
inspect the currently registered base and UI URLs.
5. Inspect and adjust resource limits
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