Commit 6f32e75b authored by Christos Stavrakakis's avatar Christos Stavrakakis
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Revert "deploy: Fix --dhcp option of network-create cmd"

This reverts commit 73607c335593146f3f4bf31960c9a7042598d510.
parent 89d02e0b
......@@ -1194,7 +1194,7 @@ def add_network():
debug(, " * Adding public network in cyclades...")
backend_id = get_backend_id(env.env.cluster.fqdn)
cmd = """
snf-manage network-create --subnet={0} --gateway={1} --public --dhcp=True --flavor={2} --mode=bridged --link={3} --name=Internet --backend-id={4}
snf-manage network-create --subnet={0} --gateway={1} --public --dhcp --flavor={2} --mode=bridged --link={3} --name=Internet --backend-id={4}
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