Commit 6e816849 authored by Ilias Tsitsimpis's avatar Ilias Tsitsimpis Committed by Giorgos Korfiatis

burnin: Skip whole testsuite

Add functionality to allow burnin to skip a testsuite after
it has been started.
parent 46fa9093
......@@ -105,6 +105,20 @@ class BurninTestResult(unittest.TestResult):
super(BurninTestResult, self).addFailure(test, err)
self._test_failed(test, err)
# pylint: disable=fixme
def addSkip(self, test, reason): # noqa
"""Called when the test case test is skipped
If reason starts with "__SkipClass__: " then
we should stop the execution of all the TestSuite.
TODO: There should be a better way to do this
super(BurninTestResult, self).addSkip(test, reason)
if reason.startswith("__SkipClass__: "):
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# Helper Classes
......@@ -347,6 +361,12 @@ class BurninTests(unittest.TestCase):"Test skipped: %s" % msg)
def _skip_suite_if(self, condition, msg):
"""Skip the whole testsuite"""
if condition:"TestSuite skipped: %s" % msg)
self.skipTest("__SkipClass__: %s" % msg)
# ----------------------------------
# Flavors
def _get_list_of_flavors(self, detail=False):
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