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......@@ -1141,6 +1141,53 @@ The resources that are exported by Cyclades are the following:
* `cyclades.floating_ip`: Number of floating IP addresses
* ``: Number of private virtual networks
Enforcing quotas
User quota can get overlimit, for example when a user is removed from a
project granting Cyclades resources. However, no action is automatically
taken to restrict users to their new limits. There is a special tool for
quota enforcement:
.. code-block:: console
# snf-manage enforce-resources-cyclades
This command will check and report which users are overlimit on their
Cyclades quota; it will also suggest actions to be taken in order to enforce
quota limits, dependent on the overlimit resource:
* `cyclades.vm`: Delete VMs
* `cyclades.total_cpu`: Delete VMs
* `cyclades.cpu`: Shutdown VMs
* `cyclades.total_ram`: Delete VMs
* `cyclades.ram`: Shutdown VMs
* `cyclades.disk`: Delete VMs
* `cyclades.floating_ip`: Detach and remove IPs
VMs to be deleted/shutdown are chosen first by state in the following order:
ERROR, BUILD, STOPPED, STARTED or RESIZE and then by decreasing ID. When
needing to remove IPs, we first choose IPs that are free, then those
attached to VMs, using the same VM ordering.
By default, the command checks only the following resources: `cyclades.cpu`,
`cyclades.ram`, and `cyclades.floating_ip`; that is, the less dangerous
ones, those that do not result in *deleting* any VM. One can change the
default behavior by specifying the desired resources with option
``--resources``. It is also possible to specify users to be checked or
Actual enforcement is done with option ``--fix``. In order to control the
load that quota enforcement may cause on Cyclades, one can limit the number
of operations per backend. For example,
.. code-block:: console
# snf-manage enforce-resources-cyclades --fix --max-operations 10
will apply only the first 10 listed actions per backend. One can repeat the
operation, until nothing is left to be done.
Cyclades advanced operations
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