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Add comments for variables in

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......@@ -142,12 +142,18 @@ LANGUAGES = (
AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE = 'synnefo.OceanUser'
# after this time passes and the client gets no response,
# it raises an alert that there are network problems
# API requests from the GUI time out after that many seconds.
TIMEOUT = 10 * 1000
# The API will return HTTP Bad Request if the ?changes-since
# parameter refers to a point in time more than POLL_LIMIT seconds ago.
#maximum number of seconds, needed for server and images polling
# This should be set to the PUB endpoint maintained by ganeti-0mqd.
# Normally, this is a TCP port on the Ganeti master IP.
# The API implementation needs to accept and return absolute references
# to its resources. Thus, it needs to know its public URL.
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