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Continuous integration with Jenkins
Preparing a GIT mirror
Jenkins cannot currently work with Git over encrypted HTTP. To solve
this problem we currently mirror the central Git repository locally
on the jenkins installation machine. To setup such a mirror do the
-edit .netrc
login accountname
password accountpasswd
-Create the mirror
git clone --mirror synnefo
-Setup cron to pull from the mirror periodically. Ideally, Git mirror updates
should run just before Jenkins jobs check the mirror for changes.
4,14,24,34,44,54 * * * * cd /path/to/mirror && git fetch && git remote prune origin
Jenkins setup
The following instructions will setup Jenkins to run synnefo tests with
the SQLite database. To run the tests on MySQL and/or Postgres, step 5
must be replicated. Also, the correct configuration file must be copied
(line 5 of the build script).
(line 6 of the build script).
1. Install and start Jenkins. On Debian Squeeze:
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