Commit 609e05bd authored by Giorgos Korfiatis's avatar Giorgos Korfiatis
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Add more tests for quotaholder

parent 48e38a73
......@@ -36,18 +36,158 @@ from config import run_test_case
from config import rand_string
from config import printf
from synnefo.lib.commissioning import CallError
from synnefo.lib.quotaholder.api import InvalidDataError, NoEntityError
from synnefo.lib.quotaholder.api.quotaholder import (
Name, Key, Quantity, Capacity, ImportLimit, ExportLimit, Resource, Flags)
class QHAPITest(QHTestCase):
def test_001(self):
def setUpClass(self):
e = self.rand_entity()
k = Key.random()
r = self.qh.create_entity(create_entity=[(e, 'system', k, '')])
self.e_name = e
self.e_key = k
def rand_name(self, exclude=[]):
for i in range(1,100):
r = Name().random()
if r not in exclude:
return r
m = 'Could not make a unique random name'
raise Exception(m)
used_entities = ['system']
def rand_entity(self):
return self.rand_name(self.used_entities)
used_policies = []
def rand_policy(self):
return self.rand_name(self.used_policies)
used_resources = []
def rand_resource(self):
return self.rand_name(self.used_resources)
def rand_limits(self):
q = Quantity.random()
c = Capacity.random()
il = ImportLimit.random()
el = ExportLimit.random()
return q, c, il, el
def rand_policy_limits(self):
p = self.rand_policy()
limits = self.rand_limits()
return p, limits
def rand_flags(self):
return Flags.random()
def new_entity(self, parent='system', parent_key=''):
e = self.rand_entity()
k = Key.random()
r = self.qh.create_entity(create_entity=[(e, parent, k, parent_key)])
self.assertEqual(r, [])
return e, k
def new_policy(self):
p, limits = self.rand_policy_limits()
r = self.qh.set_limits(set_limits=[(p,) + limits])
self.assertEqual(r, [])
return p, limits
def test_001_list_entities(self):
r = self.qh.list_entities(entity='system', key='')
self.assertEqual(r, ['system'])
self.assertEqual(r, ['system', self.e_name])
with self.assertRaises(NoEntityError):
self.qh.list_entities(entity='doesnotexist', key='')
with self.assertRaises(InvalidDataError):
self.qh.list_entities(entity='system; SELECT ALL', key='')
def test_002_create_entity(self):
e = self.rand_entity()
k = Key.random()
r = self.qh.create_entity(
create_entity=[(self.e_name, 'system', self.e_key, ''),
(e, self.e_name, k, self.e_key),
(e, self.e_name, k, self.e_key)])
self.assertEqual(r, [0,2])
def test_003_release_entity(self):
e, k = self.new_entity()
r = self.qh.release_entity(release_entity=[(e, k)])
self.assertEqual(r, [])
def test_004_set_entity_key(self):
e, k = self.new_entity()
k1 = Key.random()
k2 = Key.random()
r = self.qh.set_entity_key(set_entity_key=[(e, k1, k2)])
self.assertEqual(r, [e])
r = self.qh.set_entity_key(set_entity_key=[(e, k, k2)])
self.assertEqual(r, [])
r = self.qh.release_entity(release_entity=[(e, k)])
self.assertEqual(r, [e])
def test_005_get_entity(self):
e = self.rand_entity()
k = Key.random()
r = self.qh.get_entity(get_entity=[(self.e_name, self.e_key), (e, k)])
self.assertEqual(r, [(self.e_name, 'system')])
def test_006_get_set_limits(self):
p1, limits1 = self.rand_policy_limits()
limits2 = self.rand_limits()
r = self.qh.set_limits(set_limits=[(p1,) + limits1,
(p1,) + limits2])
self.assertEqual(r, [])
p2, _ = self.rand_policy_limits()
r = self.qh.get_limits(get_limits=[p1, p2])
self.assertEqual(r, [(p1,) + limits2])
def test_007_get_set_holding(self):
e, k = self.new_entity()
resource = self.rand_resource()
def test_002(self):
with self.assertRaises(CallError):
self.qh.list_entities(entity='systems', key='')
p0 = self.rand_policy()
f0 = self.rand_flags()
p1, _ = self.new_policy()
f1 = self.rand_flags()
p2, _ = self.new_policy()
f2 = self.rand_flags()
r = self.qh.set_holding(set_holding=[(e, resource, k, p0, f0),
(e, resource, k, p1, f1),
(e, resource, k, p2, f2)])
self.assertEqual(r, [(e, resource, p0)])
resource1 = self.rand_resource()
r = self.qh.get_holding(get_holding=[(e, resource, k),
(e, resource1, k)])
self.assertEqual(r, [(e, resource, p2,
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys
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