Commit 592e5278 authored by Christos Stavrakakis's avatar Christos Stavrakakis
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Improve performance of cyclades-usage-verify

Get quotaholder holdings for all users in one call, to speed up
execution of 'snf-manage cyclades-usage-verify'.
parent c63ae6a2
......@@ -79,20 +79,21 @@ def get_quotaholder_holdings(users=[]):
If the entity for the user does not exist in quotaholder, no holding
is returned.
users = filter(lambda u: not u is None, users)
holdings = {}
with get_quota_holder() as qh:
for user in users:
(qh_holdings, _) = \
qh.list_holdings(context={}, list_holdings=[(user, "1")])
if not qh_holdings:
qh_holdings = qh_holdings[0]
qh_holdings = filter(lambda x: x[1].startswith("cyclades."),
holdings[user] = dict(map(decode_holding, qh_holdings))
except NoEntityError:
list_holdings = [(user, "1") for user in users]
(qh_holdings, rejected) = qh.list_holdings(context={},
found_users = filter(lambda u: not u in rejected, users)
for user, user_holdings in zip(found_users, qh_holdings):
if not user_holdings:
for h in user_holdings:
assert(h[0] == user)
user_holdings = filter(lambda x: x[1].startswith("cyclades."),
holdings[user] = dict(map(decode_holding, user_holdings))
return holdings
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