Commit 538ccdd5 authored by Sofia Papagiannaki's avatar Sofia Papagiannaki
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change feedback view to render feedback page with success message in case of success

parent 01cc1929
......@@ -358,14 +358,18 @@ def send_feedback(request, template_name='feedback.html', email_template_name='f
from_email =
recipient_list = [settings.DEFAULT_CONTACT_EMAIL % sitename.lower()]
content = render_to_string(email_template_name, {
'message': form.cleaned_data('feedback_msg'),
'data': form.cleaned_data('feedback_data'),
'message': form.cleaned_data['feedback_msg'],
'data': form.cleaned_data['feedback_data'],
'request': request})
send_mail(subject, content, from_email, recipient_list)
resp = json.dumps({'status': 'send'})
return HttpResponse(resp)
send_mail(subject, content, from_email, recipient_list)
message = _('Feedback successfully sent')
status = messages.SUCCESS
except (SMTPException, socket.error) as e:
status = messages.ERROR
message = getattr(e, 'strerror', '')
messages.add_message(request, status, message)
return render_response(template_name,
form = form,
context_instance = get_context(request, extra_context))
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