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......@@ -834,6 +834,28 @@ will check pools of bridges, MAC prefixes, and IPv4 addresses for all networks.
$ snf-manage reconcile-pools
$ snf-manage reconcile-pools --fix
Helpdesk application provides the ability to view the virtual servers and
networks of all users, along with the ability to perform some basic actions
like administratively suspending a server. You can perform look-ups by
user UUID or email, by server ID (vm-$id) or by an IPv4 address.
If you want to activate the helpdesk application you can set to `True` the
`HELPDESK_ENABLED` setting. Access to helpdesk views (under
`$BASE_URL/helpdesk`) is only to allowed to users that belong to Astakos
groups defined in the `HELPDESK_PERMITTED_GROUPS` setting, which by default
contains the `helpdesk` group. For example, to allow <user_id>
to access helpdesk view, you should run the following command in the Astakos
.. code-block:: console
snf-manage group-add helpdesk
snf-manage user-modify --add-group=helpdesk <user_id>
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