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Administrator Guide
Simple Setup
Assuming a clean debian squeeze (stable) installation, use the following steps to run the software.
Install packages::
apt-get install git python-django python-django-south python-setuptools python-sphinx python-httplib2
apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-wsgi
Get the source::
cd /
git clone
Setup the files::
cd /astakos/astakos
python syncdb (At this point you will prompt to create a superuser)
python migrate im 0001 --fake
python migrate im
python loaddata im/fixtures/admin_user.json (Load additional information for the newly created superuser)
cd /astakos
python build_sphinx
python manage runserver
It is advised that you create a ``settings.local`` file to place any configuration overrides (at least change ``SECRET_KEY``).
Twitter Setup
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