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Update changelog for overquota handling

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......@@ -6,6 +6,34 @@ Unified Changelog file for Synnefo versions >= 0.13
Since v0.13 most of the Synnefo components have been merged into a single
repository and have aligned versions.
.. _Changelog-0.17next:
* Introduce 'overquota' state on project memberships, which can be used by
third-party plugins in order to implement a quota reclamation policy.
Setting `QUOTA_POLICY_MODULE` specifies the plugin that updates the
overquota state on project actions.
* Support suspending and unsuspending project memberships.
* User deactivation now automatically suspends user's system project, owned
projects, and project memberships. Reactivation unsuspends them.
* Add command `user-check`. It supports suspending projects for previously
deactivated users.
* Command `enforce-resources-cyclades` now provides an option to "soft"
enforce dangerous resources. There is now no default list of resources to
check; the administrator must provide one.
.. _Changelog-0.17:
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