Commit 47ea3056 authored by Giorgos Korfiatis's avatar Giorgos Korfiatis
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astakosclient: Add user option in get_service_quotas

parent d81a5b38
......@@ -325,18 +325,22 @@ class AstakosClient():
# ----------------------------------
# GET "/astakos/api/service_quotas"
def get_service_quotas(self, token):
def get_service_quotas(self, token, user=None):
"""Get all quotas for resources associated with the service
Keyword arguments:
token -- service's token (string)
user -- optionally, the uuid of a specific user
In case of success return a dict of dicts of dicts with current quotas
for all users.
for all users, or of a specified user, if user argument is set.
Otherwise raise an AstakosClientException
return self._call_astakos(token, "/astakos/api/service_quotas")
query = "/astakos/api/service_quotas"
if user is not None:
query += "?user=" + user
return self._call_astakos(token, query)
# ----------------------------------
# POST "/astakos/api/commisions"
......@@ -127,10 +127,12 @@ retry=0, use_pool=False, pool_size=8, logger=None\ **)**
current quotas (as dict of dicts).
In case of error raise an AstakosClientException exception.
**get_service_quotas(**\ token\ **)**
**get_service_quotas(**\ token, user=None\ **)**
Given a service's authentication token return all users'
current quotas for the resources associated with the service
(as dict of dicts of dicts).
Optionally, one can query the quotas of a specific user with
argument user=UUID.
In case of error raise an AstakosClientException exception.
**issue_commission(**\ token, request\ **)**
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