Commit 410e51d8 authored by Ilias Tsitsimpis's avatar Ilias Tsitsimpis Committed by Giorgos Korfiatis

burnin: Support the new quotas API

GetQuotas now returns a dictionary with the project's uuids as keys.
This patch changes burnin to support that.
parent 9d5f4be2
......@@ -223,21 +223,25 @@ class BurninTests(unittest.TestCase):"Pithos url is %s", self.clients.pithos_url)"Image url is %s", self.clients.image_url)
user_uuid = self._get_uuid()
self.quotas = self._get_quotas()" Disk usage is %s bytes",
self.quotas['system']['cyclades.disk']['usage'])" VM usage is %s",
self.quotas['system']['cyclades.vm']['usage'])" DiskSpace usage is %s bytes",
self.quotas['system']['pithos.diskspace']['usage'])" Ram usage is %s bytes",
self.quotas['system']['cyclades.ram']['usage'])" Floating IPs usage is %s",
self.quotas['system']['cyclades.floating_ip']['usage'])" CPU usage is %s",
self.quotas['system']['cyclades.cpu']['usage'])" Network usage is %s",
for puuid, quotas in self.quotas.items():
project_name = self._get_project_name(puuid, user_uuid)" Project %s:", project_name)" Disk usage is %s bytes",
quotas['cyclades.disk']['usage'])" VM usage is %s",
quotas['cyclades.vm']['usage'])" DiskSpace usage is %s bytes",
quotas['pithos.diskspace']['usage'])" Ram usage is %s bytes",
quotas['cyclades.ram']['usage'])" Floating IPs usage is %s",
quotas['cyclades.floating_ip']['usage'])" CPU usage is %s",
quotas['cyclades.cpu']['usage'])" Network usage is %s",
def _run_tests(self, tcases):
"""Run some generated testcases"""
......@@ -508,13 +512,18 @@ class BurninTests(unittest.TestCase):
def _get_quotas(self):
"""Get quotas""""Getting quotas")
return self.clients.astakos.get_quotas()
return dict(self.clients.astakos.get_quotas())
# Invalid argument name. pylint: disable-msg=C0103
# Too many arguments. pylint: disable-msg=R0913
def _check_quotas(self, disk=None, vm=None, diskspace=None,
def _check_quotas(self, puuid=None, disk=None, vm=None, diskspace=None,
ram=None, ip=None, cpu=None, network=None):
"""Check that quotas' changes are consistent"""
"""Check that quotas' changes are consistent
@param puuid: The uuid of the project, quotas are assigned to
assert any(v is None for v in
[disk, vm, diskspace, ram, ip, cpu, network]), \
"_check_quotas require arguments"
......@@ -524,38 +533,67 @@ class BurninTests(unittest.TestCase):
new_quotas = self._get_quotas()
self.quotas = new_quotas
# Check Disk usage
old_quotas, new_quotas, 'cyclades.disk', disk)
# Check VM usage
old_quotas, new_quotas, 'cyclades.vm', vm)
# Check DiskSpace usage
old_quotas, new_quotas, 'pithos.diskspace', diskspace)
# Check Ram usage
old_quotas, new_quotas, 'cyclades.ram', ram)
# Check Floating IPs usage
old_quotas, new_quotas, 'cyclades.floating_ip', ip)
# Check CPU usage
old_quotas, new_quotas, 'cyclades.cpu', cpu)
# Check Network usage
old_quotas, new_quotas, '', network)
def _check_quotas_aux(self, old_quotas, new_quotas, resource, value):
user_uuid = self._get_uuid()
if puuid is None:
puuid = user_uuid
for project in old_quotas.keys():
# Check Disk usage
project_name = self._get_project_name(project, user_uuid)
self._check_quotas_aux(old_quotas[project], new_quotas[project],
project_name, "cyclades.disk",
disk, project == puuid)
# Check VM usage
self._check_quotas_aux(old_quotas[project], new_quotas[project],
project_name, "cyclades.vm",
vm, project == puuid)
# Check DiskSpace usage
self._check_quotas_aux(old_quotas[project], new_quotas[project],
project_name, "pithos.diskspace",
diskspace, project == puuid)
# Check Ram usage
self._check_quotas_aux(old_quotas[project], new_quotas[project],
project_name, "cyclades.ram",
ram, project == puuid)
# Check Floating IPs usage
self._check_quotas_aux(old_quotas[project], new_quotas[project],
project_name, "cyclades.floating_ip",
ip, project == puuid)
# Check CPU usage
self._check_quotas_aux(old_quotas[project], new_quotas[project],
project_name, "cyclades.cpu",
cpu, project == puuid)
# Check Network usage
self._check_quotas_aux(old_quotas[project], new_quotas[project],
project_name, "",
network, project == puuid)
def _check_quotas_aux(self, old_quotas, new_quotas,
project_name, resource, value, check):
"""Auxiliary function for _check_quotas"""
old_value = old_quotas['system'][resource]['usage']
new_value = new_quotas['system'][resource]['usage']
if value is not None:
old_value = old_quotas[resource]['usage']
new_value = new_quotas[resource]['usage']
if check and value is not None:
assert isinstance(value, int), \
"%s value has to be integer" % resource
old_value += value
self.assertEqual(old_value, new_value,
"%s quotas don't match" % resource)
"Project %s: %s quotas don't match" %
(project_name, resource))
# ----------------------------------
# Projects
def _get_project_name(self, puuid, uuid=None):
"""Get the name of a project"""
if uuid is None:
uuid = self._get_uuid()
if puuid == uuid:
return "base"
project_info = self.clients.astakos.get_project(puuid)
return project_info['name']
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
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