Commit 3f0c17ac authored by Christos Stavrakakis's avatar Christos Stavrakakis
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cyclades: Fix init of networks in backend-add

Fix which networks are going to be initialized in the new backend and
how the are printed in the output!
parent 7288b5d2
......@@ -122,17 +122,19 @@ def create_backend(clustername, port, username, password, hypervisor=None,
backend_mod.update_backend_resources(backend, resources)
networks = Network.objects.filter(deleted=False, floating_ip_pool=True)
networks = Network.objects.filter(deleted=False, public=True)
if not networks:
stream.write("Creating the follow networks:\n")
headers = ('Name', 'Subnet', 'Gateway', 'Mac Prefix', 'Public')
stream.write("Creating the following public:\n")
headers = ("ID", "Name", 'IPv4 Subnet', "IPv6 Subnet", 'Mac Prefix')
table = []
for net in networks:
table.append((net.backend_id, str(net.subnet), str(net.gateway),
str(net.mac_prefix), str(net.public)))
subnet4 = net.subnet4.cidr if net.subnet4 else None
subnet6 = net.subnet6.cidr if net.subnet6 else None
table.append((, net.backend_id, subnet4,
subnet6, str(net.mac_prefix)))
pprint_table(stream, table, headers)
for net in networks:
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