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Note that this is a feature of Python 2.7 that we have backported for use in
Python 2.6.
The logging configuration dictionary is defined in settings.d/00-logging.conf
and is broken in 4 separate dictionaries:
* LOGGING is the logging configuration used by the web app. By default all
loggers fall back to the main 'synnefo' logger. The subloggers can be
changed accordingly for finer logging control. e.g. To disable debug
messages from the API set the level of 'synnefo.api' to 'INFO'.
* DISPATCHER_LOGGING is the logging configuration of the logic/
command line tool.
* SNFADMIN_LOGGING is the logging configuration of the snf-admin tool.
Consider using matching configuration for snf-admin and the synnefo.admin
logger of the web app.
Please note the following:
* As of Synnefo v0.7, by default the Django webapp logs to syslog, the
dispatcher logs to /var/log/synnefo/dispatcher.log and the console,
snf-admin logs to the console.
* Different handlers can be set to different logging levels:
for example, everything may appear to the console, but only INFO and higher
may actually be stored in a longer-term logfile
The logging configuration dictionary is defined in
The administrator can have finer logging control by modifying the `LOGGING_SETUP`
dictionary, and defining subloggers with different handlers and log levels.
e.g. To enable debug messages only for the API set the level of 'synnefo.api'
to 'DEBUG'
By default the Django webapp and snf-manage logs to syslog, while
snf-dispatcher logs to `/var/log/synnefo/dispatcher.log`.
Scaling up to multiple nodes
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