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Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

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......@@ -26,6 +26,10 @@ Astakos
of its `reference' application (current definition). Lock Project rather
than Chain (the latter is semantically obsolete).
* Project states "Active - Pending" and "Suspended - Pending" have been
removed. In management command `project-list', the existence of a pending
modification is indicated by a non-blank `Pending AppID'.
* Improve recording of project, application, and membership actions.
* Implement API calls for projects.
......@@ -42,34 +42,24 @@ from ._common import is_uuid, is_email
class Command(SynnefoCommand):
help = """
List projects and project status.
help = """List projects and project status.
Project status can be one of:
Pending an application <AppId> for a new project
Pending an uninitialized project, pending review
Active an active project
Active - Pending an active project with
a pending modification <AppId>
Denied an application for a new project,
denied by the admin
Denied an uninitialized project, denied by the admin
Dismissed a denied project, dismissed by the applicant
Cancelled an application for a new project,
cancelled by the applicant
Cancelled an uninitialized project, cancelled by the applicant
Suspended a project suspended by the admin;
it can later be resumed
Suspended - Pending a suspended project with
a pending modification <AppId>
Terminated a terminated project; its name can be claimed
by a new project
by a new project"""
option_list = SynnefoCommand.option_list + (
......@@ -81,7 +71,7 @@ class Command(SynnefoCommand):
help="List only new project applications"),
help="List only new pending uninitialized projects"),
......@@ -110,10 +110,10 @@ def get_available_backends(flavor):
if disk_template.startswith("ext_"):
disk_template = "ext"
backends = Backend.objects.select_for_update()
backends = backends.filter(offline=False, drained=False,
backends = list(backends)
backends = Backend.objects.select_for_update().filter(offline=False,
backends = filter(lambda b: disk_template in b.disk_templates,
backends = filter(lambda x: has_free_ip(x), backends)
return backends
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