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Update Changelog and NEWS for version 0.14.8

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......@@ -16,7 +16,11 @@ Released: UNRELEASED
* Update Django dependency to Django>=0.14,<0.15
* This is the first release to support Debian Wheezy along with Squeeze. You
can mix and match nodes freely.
* Update Django dependency to Django>=1.4,<1.5. Django 1.4.5 is available for
Squeeze through squeeze-backports.
......@@ -24,6 +28,14 @@ Cyclades
* On VM creation, pass the hashmap of the image (pithosmap://) instead of the
image URL (pithos://). Access to the Pithos DB by Ganeti nodes is no longer
* Workaround race between server creation and server deletion. This will be
fixed properly by updating Ganeti to support the 'depends' attribute for
* For Shibboleth logins, store all attributes along with the user in the DB.
.. _Changelog-0.14.7:
......@@ -5,6 +5,16 @@ Unified NEWS file for Synnefo versions >= 0.13
Since v0.13 all Synnefo components have been merged into a single repository.
.. _NEWS-0.14.8:
* Support for Debian Wheezy
* Bug fix version
.. _NEWS-0.14.7:
......@@ -1819,7 +1819,8 @@ Changelog, NEWS
* v0.14.7 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.6>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.7>`
* v0.14.8 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.8>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.8>`
* v0.14.7 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.7>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.7>`
* v0.14.6 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.6>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.6>`
* v0.14.5 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.5>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.5>`
* v0.14.4 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.4>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.4>`
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