Commit 32411604 authored by Ilias Tsitsimpis's avatar Ilias Tsitsimpis
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snf-ci: Search for IPv4 in the private_networks

If the user has specified private_networks get the IPv4 from these
networks. Else get it from the first public network we can find.
parent a1fe0f2f
...@@ -306,9 +306,8 @@ class SynnefoCI(object): ...@@ -306,9 +306,8 @@ class SynnefoCI(object):
networks.append({'port': port['id']}) networks.append({'port': port['id']})
private_networks = self.config.get('Deployment', 'private_networks') private_networks = self.config.get('Deployment', 'private_networks')
if private_networks: if private_networks:
private_networks = private_networks.split(",") private_networks = [p.strip() for p in private_networks.split(",")]
networks.extend([{"uuid": uuid.strip()} networks.extend([{"uuid": uuid} for uuid in private_networks])
for uuid in private_networks])
if server_name is None: if server_name is None:
server_name = self.config.get("Deployment", "server_name") server_name = self.config.get("Deployment", "server_name")
server_name = "%s(BID: %s)" % (server_name, self.build_id) server_name = "%s(BID: %s)" % (server_name, self.build_id)
...@@ -324,7 +323,7 @@ class SynnefoCI(object): ...@@ -324,7 +323,7 @@ class SynnefoCI(object):
self.write_temp_config('server_passwd', server_passwd) self.write_temp_config('server_passwd', server_passwd)
server = self._wait_transition(server_id, "BUILD", "ACTIVE") server = self._wait_transition(server_id, "BUILD", "ACTIVE")
self._get_server_ip_and_port(server) self._get_server_ip_and_port(server, private_networks)
self._copy_ssh_keys(ssh_keys) self._copy_ssh_keys(ssh_keys)
# Setup Firewall # Setup Firewall
...@@ -468,10 +467,23 @@ class SynnefoCI(object): ...@@ -468,10 +467,23 @@ class SynnefoCI(object):
self.logger.error("No matching image found.. aborting") self.logger.error("No matching image found.. aborting")
sys.exit(1) sys.exit(1)
def _get_server_ip_and_port(self, server): def _get_server_ip_and_port(self, server, private_networks):
"""Compute server's IPv4 and ssh port number""" """Compute server's IPv4 and ssh port number""""Get server connection details..")"Get server connection details..")
server_ip = server['attachments'][0]['ipv4'] if private_networks:
# Choose the networks that belong to private_networks
networks = [n for n in server['attachments']
if n['network_id'] in private_networks]
# Choose the networks that are public
networks = \
[n for n in server['attachments']
if self.network_client.get_network_details(n['id'])['public']]
# Choose the networks with IPv4
networks = [n for n in networks if n['ipv4']]
# Use the first network as IPv4
server_ip = networks[0]['ipv4']
if ("" in self.cyclades_client.base_url or if ("" in self.cyclades_client.base_url or
"" in self.cyclades_client.base_url): "" in self.cyclades_client.base_url):
tmp1 = int(server_ip.split(".")[2]) tmp1 = int(server_ip.split(".")[2])
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