Commit 2feabc46 authored by Chrysostomos Nanakos's avatar Chrysostomos Nanakos
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pithos: Update Changelog

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......@@ -33,6 +33,20 @@ Cyclades
* Extend statistics API with detailed information about Ganeti clusters,
virtual servers and networks, public IPv4 pools and images.
* Support selectable storage backend
* new settings:
- PITHOS_BACKEND_STORAGE. Possible values are 'nfs' and 'rados'.
- PITHOS_RADOS_CEPH_CONF. The Ceph configuration file.
* Remove unused variable PITHOS_RADOS_STORAGE
* Add '' shell script in 'contrib' directory,
a Pithos+ object synchronization tool between NFS and RADOS.
.. _Changelog-0.15:
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