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docs: Add Cyclades commands to admin-quide

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......@@ -1047,11 +1047,45 @@ reconcile-resources-pithos Detect unsynchronized usage between Astakos and Pi
Cyclades snf-manage commands
============================ ===========================
Name Description
============================ ===========================
FIXME: list cyclades cmds
============================ ===========================
============================== ===========================
Name Description
============================== ===========================
backend-add Add a new Ganeti backend
backend-list List backends
backend-modify Modify a backend
backend-update-status Update backend statistics for instance allocation
backend-remove Remove a Ganeti backend
server-create Create a new server
server-show Show server details
server-list List servers
server-modify Modify a server
server-import Import an existing Ganeti VM into synnefo
server-inspect Inspect a server in DB and Ganeti
network-create Create a new network
network-list List networks
network-modify Modify a network
network-inspect Inspect network state in DB and Ganeti
network-remove Delete a network
flavor-create Create a new flavor
flavor-list List flavors
flavor-modify Modify a flavor
image-list List images
image-show Show image details
pool-create Create a bridge or mac-prefix pool
pool-show Show pool details
pool-list List pools
pool-modify Modify a pool
pool-remove Delete a pool
queue-inspect Inspect the messages of a RabbitMQ queue
queue-retry Resend messages from Dead Letter queues to original exchanges
resource-export-cyclades Export Cyclades resources in JSON format.
service-export-cyclades Export Cyclades services in JSON format.
reconcile-servers Reconcile servers of Synnefo DB with state of Ganeti backend
reconcile-networks Reconcile networks of Synnefo DB with state of Ganeti backend
reconcile-pools Check consistency of pool resources
reconcile-commissions-cyclades Detect and resolve pending commissions to Quotaholder
reconcile-resources-cyclades Reconcile resource usage of Astakos with Cyclades DB.
============================== ===========================
Pithos managing accounts
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