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......@@ -527,7 +527,6 @@ the administrator has complete control on them without Cyclades knowing about
it. For example a VM migration to a different physical node is transparent
to Cyclades.
Working with Cyclades
......@@ -999,6 +998,162 @@ pool are not used more than once.
Cyclades advanced operations
.. _admin-guide-stats:
VM stats collecting
snf-cyclades-gtools comes with a collectd plugin to collect CPU and network
stats for Ganeti VMs and an example collectd configuration. snf-stats-app is a
Django (snf-webproject) app that serves the VM stats graphs by reading the VM
stats (from RRD files) and serves graphs.
The snf-stats-app was originally written by `GRNET NOC <>`_
as a WSGI Python app and was ported to a Synnefo (snf-webproject) app.
snf-stats-app configuration
The snf-stats-app node should have collectd installed. The collectd
configuration should enable the network plugin, assuming the server role, and
the RRD plugin / backend, to store the incoming stats. Your
``/etc/collectd/collectd.conf`` should look like:
.. code-block:: console
FQDNLookup true
LoadPlugin syslog
<Plugin syslog>
LogLevel info
LoadPlugin network
LoadPlugin rrdtool
<Plugin network>
TimeToLive 128
<Listen "" "25826">
SecurityLevel "Sign"
AuthFile "/etc/collectd/passwd"
ReportStats false
MaxPacketSize 65535
<Plugin rrdtool>
DataDir "/var/lib/collectd/rrd"
CacheTimeout 120
CacheFlush 900
WritesPerSecond 30
RandomTimeout 0
Include "/etc/collectd/filters.conf"
Include "/etc/collectd/thresholds.conf"
An example collectd config file is provided in
The recommended deployment is to run snf-stats-app using gunicorn with an
Apache2 or nginx reverse proxy (using the same configuration as the other
Synnefo services / apps). An example gunicorn config file is provided in
Make sure to edit the settings under
``/etc/synnefo/20-snf-stats-app-settings.conf`` to match your deployment.
More specifically, you should change the ``STATS_BASE_URL`` setting (refer
to previous documentation on the BASE_URL settings used by the other Synnefo
services / apps) and the ``RRD_PREFIX`` and ``GRAPH_PREFIX`` settings.
You should also set the ``STATS_SECRET_KEY`` to a random string and make sure
it's the same at the ``CYCLADES_STATS_SECRET_KEY`` on the Cyclades host (see
``RRD_PREFIX`` is the directory where collectd stores the RRD files. The
default setting matches the default RRD directory for the collectd RRDtool
plugin. In a more complex setup, the collectd daemon could run on a separate
host and export the RRD directory to the snf-stats-app node via e.g. NFS.
``GRAPH_PREFIX`` is the directory where collectd stores the resulting
stats graphs. You should create it manually, in case it doesn't exist.
.. code-block::
# mkdir /var/cache/snf-stats-app/
# chown www-data:wwwdata /var/cache/snf-stats-app/
The snf-stats-app will typically run as the ``www-data`` user. In that case,
make sure that the ``www-data`` user should have read access to the
``RRD_PREFIX`` directory and read / write access to the ``GRAPH_PREFIX``
snf-stats-app, based on the ``STATS_BASE_URL`` setting will export the
following URL 'endpoints`:
* CPU stats bar: ``STATS_BASE_URL``/v1.0/cpu-bar/<encrypted VM hostname>
* Network stats bar: ``STATS_BASE_URL``/v1.0/net-bar/<encrypted VM hostname>
* CPU stats daily graph: ``STATS_BASE_URL``/v1.0/cpu-ts/<encrypted VM hostname>
* Network stats daily graph: ``STATS_BASE_URL``/v1.0/net-ts/<encrypted VM hostname>
* CPU stats weekly graph: ``STATS_BASE_URL``/v1.0/cpu-ts-w/<encrypted VM hostname>
* Network stats weekly graph: ``STATS_BASE_URL``/v1.0/net-ts-w/<encrypted VM hostname>
You can verify that these endpoints are exported by issuing:
.. code-block::
# snf-manage show_urls
snf-cyclades-gtools configuration
To enable VM stats collecting, you will need to:
* Install collectd on the every Ganeti (VM-capable) node.
* Enable the Ganeti stats plugin in your collectd configuration. This can be
achived by either copying the example collectd conf file that comes with
or by adding the following line to your existing (or default) collectd
conf file:
Include /etc/collectd/ganeti-stats.conf
In the latter case, make sure to configure collectd to send the collected
stats to your collectd server (via the network plugin). For more details on
how to do this, check the collectd example config file provided by the
package and the collectd documentation.
snf-cyclades-app configuration
At this point, stats collecting should be enabled and working. You can check
that everything is ok by checking the contents of ``/var/lib/collectd/rrd/``
directory (it will gradually get populated with directories containing RRD
files / stats for every Synnefo instances).
You should also check that gunicorn and Apache2 are configured correctly by
accessing the graph URLs for a VM (whose stats have been populated in
Cyclades uses the ``CYCLADES_STATS_SECRET_KEY`` setting in
``20-snf-cyclades-app`` to encrypt the instance hostname in the stats graph
URL. This settings should be set to a random value and match the
``STATS_SECRET_KEY`` on the Stats host.
Cyclades (snf-cyclades-app) fetches the stat graphs for VMs based on four
settings in ``20-snf-cyclades-app-api.conf``. The settings are:
Make sure that you change this settings to match your ``STATS_BASE_URL``
(and generally the Apache2 / gunicorn deployment on your stats host).
Cyclades will pass these URLs to the Cyclades UI and the user's browser will
fetch them when needed.
Reconciliation mechanism
......@@ -2127,6 +2127,12 @@ skipped.
node2 # snf-manage reconcile-resources-pithos --fix
node1 # snf-manage reconcile-resources-cyclades --fix
VM stats configuration
Please refer to the documentation in the :ref:`admin guide <admin-guide-stats>`
for deploying and configuring snf-stats-app and collectd.
If all the above return successfully, then you have finished with the Cyclades
installation and setup.
......@@ -161,6 +161,30 @@ For Pithos service we have to change the ``20-snf-pithos-app-settings.conf``
file in the same way as above.
2.5 Stats configuration
snf-cyclades-gtools comes with a collectd plugin to collect CPU and network
stats for Ganeti VMs and an example collectd configuration. snf-stats-app is a
Django (snf-webproject) app that serves the VM stats graphsmm by reading the VM
stats (from RRD files) and serves graphs.
To enable / deploy VM stats collecting and snf-stats-app see the relevant
documentation in the :ref:`admin guide <admin-guide-stats>`.
If you were using collectd to collect VM stats on Debian squeeze and you are
upgrading to Wheezy, you will need to upgrade your RRD files. Follow the
instructions on the collectd v4-to-v5 migration `guide
You will proabably just need to run the `migration script
If you were using a previous version of snf-stats-app, you should also make
sure to set the ``STATS_BASE_URL`` setting in ``20-snf-stats-app-settings.conf``
to match your deployment and change the graph URL settings in
``20-snf-cyclades-app-api.conf`` accordingly.
v0.15 has also introduced the ``CYCLADES_STATS_SECRET_KEY`` and
``20-snf-cyclades-app-api.conf`` is used by Cyclades to encrypt the instance id
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