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......@@ -192,7 +192,8 @@ South Database Migration
First, remember to add the south app to (it is already included in the
In addition, do not use the syncdb management command. Only the first time
In addition, do not use the syncdb management command. Only the first time and if you
drop the database and must create it from the start.
The first time (is not required, since when you read this documentation the migration
is already active) the migration of the schema will initialised with the following
......@@ -227,6 +228,49 @@ in a model, we should declare its default value. If not, south management will p
If we need to do data migration as well, for example rename a field, we use tha 'datamigration' management command.
In contrast with schemamigration, to perform complex data migration, we must write the script manually. The process is
the following:
1. Introduce the changes in the code and fixtures (initial data).
2. Execute:
$ ./bin/python datamigration <migration_name_here>
For example:
$ ./bin/python datamigration db rename_credit_wallet
3. We edit the generated script. It contains two methods: forwards and backwards.
For database operations (column additions, alter tables etc) we use the South database API
To access the data, we use the database reference (orm) provided as parameter in the forwards, backwards declarations.
For example:
class Migration(DataMigration):
def forwards(self, orm):
4. To migrate the database to the latest version, we execute:
./ migrate db
To see which migrations are applied:
$ ./bin/python migrate db --list
(*) 0001_initial
(*) 0002_auto__add_field_synnefouser_new_south_test_field
(*) 0003_rename_credit_wallet
More information and more thorough examples can be found in the South web site.
UI Testing
The functional ui tests require the Selenium server and the synnefo app to
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