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Add Changelog, updated before tagging v0.2

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2011-04-19, v0.2
* Show transitional state when command is in progress ("Starting", etc) (#401)
* Allow only "destroy" for machines being built (#399)
* Show nice icons for the icon, list and single view (#389)
* Show the VM configuration (flavor) in list view (#387)
* Add Destroy action in icon view (#381)
* Show spinner when action is in progress (#379)
* Handle OS icons properly for Images and machines, user-controlled (#257)
* Support modification of VM metadata (currently: only addition, removal) (#375)
* Support machine rename (#307)
* Show welcome screen when no VMs defined (#279)
* Revamped "Create New" wizard (#83)
* Return buildInProgress properly (#351)
* Loads of new unit tests (#417)
* Support OOB console access over VNC using vncauthproxy
- Run as daemon, support automatic port selection (#419)
* Refactor ganeti-0mqd
- Run as daemon, receive messages from Ganeti hooks, publish over 0mq
* Add initial version of README.deploy, detailing service dependencies
* Add support for database migrations, using Django South (#371)
* Install continuous integration platform (Jenkins), run tests automatically (#383)
* Minor visual problems with Firefox 3.5 (#403)
* Major cross-browser compatibility problems (no IE support) (#431, #341)
* Requires installation under /, does not work with relative URLs (#421)
* Incorrect 503 return code when server is unreachable (#427)
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