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Upgrade notes for quota-related stuff

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Upgrade to Synnefo v0.14
The bulk of the upgrade to v0.14 is about resource and quota migrations.
.. warning::
It is strongly suggested that you keep separate database backups
for each service after the completion of each of step.
1. Bring web services down, backup databases
1. All web services must be brought down so that the database maintains a
predictable and consistent state during the migration process::
# service gunicorn stop
# service snf-dispatcher stop
# etc.
2. Backup databases for recovery to a pre-migration state.
3. Keep the database servers running during the migration process
2. Upgrade Synnefo and configure settings
2.2 Sync and migrate Django DB
.. note::
If you are asked about stale content types during the migration process,
answer 'no' and let the migration finish.
astakos-host$ snf-manage syncdb
astakos-host$ snf-manage migrate quotaholder_app 0001 --fake
astakos-host$ snf-manage migrate quotaholder_app
astakos-host$ snf-manage migrate im
cyclades-host$ snf-manage syncdb
cyclades-host$ snf-manage migrate
3 Quota-related steps
3.1 Set services and resources
Astakos and its resources should also get registered, so that they can
be known to the quota system.
astakos-host$ snf-manage service-add astakos service_url api_url
astakos-host$ snf-manage resource-export-astakos > astakos.json
astakos-host$ snf-manage resource-import --json astakos.json
astakos-host$ snf-manage resource-modify astakos.pending_app --limit <num>
The last command will set the limit of max pending project applications
per user. This replaces setting ASTAKOS_PENDING_APPLICATION_LIMIT.
In order to migrate the user-specific limits, run
(script: ````)::
import os
os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'] = 'synnefo.settings'
from import UserSetting, AstakosUserQuota, Resource
RESOURCE = 'astakos.pending_app'
resource = Resource.objects.get(name=RESOURCE)
except Resource.DoesNotExist:
print "Resource 'astakos.pending_app' not found."
settings = UserSetting.objects.filter(setting=SETTING)
for setting in settings:
user = setting.user
value = setting.value
q, created = AstakosUserQuota.objects.get_or_create(
user=user, resource=resource, capacity=value)
if not created:
print "Base quota already exists: %s %s" % (user.uuid, RESOURCE)
print "Migrated base quota: %s %s %s" % (user.uuid, RESOURCE, value)
astakos-host$ python ./
followed by::
astakos-host$ snf-manage reconcile-resources-astakos
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