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......@@ -316,61 +316,50 @@ Upon success, the system renews the token (if it has expired), logins the user
and sets the cookie, before redirecting the user to the ``next`` parameter
Setting quota limits
Set default quota
To inspect current default base quota limits, run::
# snf-manage resource-list
You can modify the default base quota limit for all future users with::
# snf-manage resource-modify <resource_name> --base-default <value>
Set base quota for individual users
For individual users that need different quota than the default
you can set it for each resource like this::
# use this to display quota / uuid
# snf-manage user-show 'uuid or email' --quota
# snf-manage user-modify <user-uuid> --base-quota 'cyclades.vm' 10
You can set base quota for all existing users, with possible exceptions, using::
Projects and quota
# snf-manage user-modify --all --base-quota cyclades.vm 10 --exclude uuid1,uuid2
Synnefo supports granting resources and controling their quota through the
mechanism of *projects*. A project is considered as a pool of finite
resources. Every actual resources allocated by a user (e.g. a Cyclades VM or
a Pithos container) is also assigned to a project where the user is a
member to. For each resource a project specifies the maximum amount that can
be assigned to it and the maximum amount that a single member can assign to it.
All quota for which values different from the default have been set,
can be listed with::
Default quota
# snf-manage quota-list --with-custom=True
Upon user creation, a special purpose user-specific project is automatically
created in order to hold the base quota provided by the system. These *base*
projects are identified with the same UUID as the user.
To inspect the quota that future users will receive by default through their
base projects, check column ``base_default`` in::
Enable the Projects feature
# snf-manage resource-list
If you want to enable the projects feature so that users may apply
on their own for resources by creating and joining projects,
in ``20-snf-astakos-app-settings.conf`` set::
You can modify the default base quota limit for all future users with::
# this will make the 'projects' page visible in the dashboard
# snf-manage resource-modify <resource_name> --base-default <value>
You can change the maximum allowed number of pending project applications
per user with::
Grant extra quota through projects
# snf-manage resource-modify astakos.pending_app --base-default <number>
A user can apply for a new project through the web interface or the API.
Once it is approved by the administrators, the applicant can join the
project and let other users in too.
You can also set a user-specific limit with::
A project member can make use of the quota granted by the project by
specifying this particular project when creating a new quotable entity.
# snf-manage user-modify <user-uuid> --base-quota 'astakos.pending_app' 5
Note that quota are not accumulative: in order to allocate a 100GB disk,
one must be in a project that grants at least 100GB; it is not possible to
add up quota from different projects. Note also that if allocating an entity
requires multiple resources (e.g. cpu and ram for a Cyclades VM) these must
be all assigned to a single project.
When users apply for projects they are not automatically granted
the resources. They must first be approved by the administrator.
Control projects
To list pending project applications in astakos::
......@@ -385,13 +374,39 @@ To deny an application::
# snf-manage project-control --deny <app id>
Users designated as *project admins* can approve, deny, or modify
Before taking an action, on can inspect project status, settings and quota
limits with::
# snf-manage project-show <project-uuid>
For an initialized project, option ``--quota`` also reports the resource
Users designated as *project admins* can approve or deny
an application through the web interface. In
``20-snf-astakos-app-settings.conf`` set::
# UUIDs of users that can approve or deny project applications from the web.
Set quota limits
One can change the quota limits of an initialized project with::
# snf-manage project-modify <project-uuid> --limit <resource_name> <member_limit> <project_limit>
One can set base quota for all accepted users (that is, set limits for base
project), with possible exceptions, with::
# snf-manage project-modify --all-base-projects --exclude <uuid1>,<uuid2> --limit ...
Quota for a given resource are reported for all projects that the user is
member in with::
# snf-manage user-show <user-uuid> --quota
With option ``--projects``, owned projects and memberships are also reported.
Astakos advanced operations
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