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Initial update of NEWS file for 0.13

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...@@ -12,25 +12,47 @@ v0.13 ...@@ -12,25 +12,47 @@ v0.13
Release Date: UNRELEASED Release Date: UNRELEASED
* Support for pooling throughout Synnefo
* Pooled Django DB connections, Pithos backend connections, HTTP
connections using single `objpool` package
* Improved management commands
* Unified codebase for output of tables in JSON, CSV
Astakos Astakos
------- -------
* Example entry 1 * Support multiple authentication methods
* Example entry 2 * Classic (username/password), Shibboleth, LDAP/Active Directory,
Google, Twitter, LinkedIn
* Users can enable/disable auth methods, and switch between them
* Introduce a UUID as a global identifier for users, throughout Synnefo
* The UUID remains constant as the user enables/disables login methods
* Allow users to modify their email address freely
* Per-user, per-resource accounting mechanism (quotaholder)
* Full quota support, with per-user, per-resource quotas, based on quotaholder
* Projects: Users can create and join Projects
* Projects grant extra resources to their members
* UI Enhancements for quotas and projects
* distinct Usage tab, showing usage of individual resources
* Project management UI
* New Overview page
Cyclades Cyclades
-------- --------
* Example entry 3 * Commission resources on quotaholder/Astakos
* Example entry 4
Pithos Pithos
------ -----
* Example entry 5 * Support storage of blocks on a RADOS backend
* Example entry 6 * Rewritten support for public URLs, with admin-selectable length
Other Tools
----- -----
* Example entry 7 * Extend snf-burnin to include testing of Pithos functionality
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