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* Astakos landing page customization explained
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......@@ -1889,7 +1889,7 @@ feasible.
The output of all email `*`.txt files will be already customized to contain your
company and service names but you can further alter their content if you feel it
best fits your needs as simple as creasynnefo template.
best fits your needs.
In order to overwrite one or more email-templates you need to place your
modified <email-file>.txt files respecting the following structure:
......@@ -1975,6 +1975,71 @@ description and a link to their content:
such as the activation link for activating one’s account and many more.
These variables are contained into {{}} inside the templates.
**Astakos landing page**
Astakos generates sensible default values used to display component-
specific details in several places across views (dashboard, cloudbar
etc.). One of these places is Astakos landing page where Synnefo components are
In case those values doesn't seem to suit your deployment, Astakos allows
you to override any of them using ``ASTAKOS_COMPONENTS_META`` setting
in your ``/etc/synnefo/20-snf-astakos-app-settings.conf`` configuration file.
So, for example if you want to add your own image for Astakos service and in the
same time hide Cyclades service from Astakos landing page you can
add the following line to your configuration file:
.. code-block:: python
'astakos': {
'dashboard': {
'icon': '<path-to-your-icon>'
'cyclades': {
'dashboard': {
'show': False
A complete list of available keys is shown below:
.. code-block:: python
'<component-name>' = {
'order': 1,
'dashboard': {
'order': 1,
'show': True,
'description': '<component-description>',
'icon': '<component-icon-path>',
'cloudbar': {
'show': True
**403, 404 and 500 pages**
Feel free to add your own 403 (HTTP Forbidden), 404 (Page not found) and
500 (server error) pages.
To override the default Synnefo error views, you must write and include any of
the files 403.html, 404.html and 500.html in your
**/etc/synnefo/templates/** directory.
Their content is up to you, but you may use as guides the default error pages
found in:
| 403.html
| 404.html
| 500.html
.. RabbitMQ
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