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Project admins and max pending projects in docs

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......@@ -180,6 +180,11 @@ in ``20-snf-astakos-app-settings.conf`` set::
# this will make the 'projects' page visible in the dashboard
You can specify a user-specific limit on pending project applications
# snf-manage user-update <user id> --max-pending-projects=2
When users apply for projects they are not automatically granted
the resources. They must first be approved by the administrator.
......@@ -196,6 +201,12 @@ To deny an application::
# snf-manage project-control --deny <app id>
Users designated as *project admins* can approve, deny, or modify
an application through the web interface. In
``20-snf-astakos-app-settings.conf`` set::
# UUIDs of users that can approve or deny project applications from the web.
Astakos advanced operations
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