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Update Changelog before tagging v0.7

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......@@ -2,6 +2,74 @@ Changelog
2011-10-13, v0.7
* From the ground-up rebuilt, refactored MVC-based UI (#1443)
* Document all settings introduced due to UI refactoring (#1447)
* UI asset files versioning (#1460)
* Improve feedback on completed steps during machine creation (#1461)
* Completely re-engineered image deployment mechanism based on
snf-image Ganeti OS provider, in isolated helper VM
* Support public and private images (#555)
* Support handling of VM filesystem, injection of arbitrary files
on VM creation (#491)
* Implement file injection as a task in snf-image (#1095)
* Remove all-host based processing of (potentially user-provided)
Images (#969)
* Implement <personality> tag in OpenStack Compute API
for file injection (#985, #1093)
* Update API implementation for server/image metadata based on latest
draft version of spec (#1403)
* Support deletion of Flavors, support servers referring to
inexistent (deleted) Flavors (#1157)
* Addition of --meta option to snf-admin image for easy setting
of image metadata values on image creation (#1107)
* Initial iteration of a system test suite, snf-burnin,
for end-to-end testing of Synnefo deployments (#1155)
* Re-engineered logging mechanism, for finer-grained control (#1033)
* Add init script for snf-ganeti-eventd, fix Debian packaging (#1323)
* Document removal of Flavors from circulation (#1472)
* Add generic service unavailable template (#1359)
* Fix problems when reusing the Create machine wizard with IE8 (#997)
* Fix problematic update of the networks tab and minor fixes (#861)
* Fix "Connecting" and "progress" gif in networks tab (#863)
* Fix inconsistencies on machine transitions between views (#917)
* Fix IE rendering mode (#975)
* Fix UI machine/network creation overlays style clutter (#979)
* Have UI should reset action confirmations after state change (#981)
* UI barfs due to exception on "New Machine" wizard (#1473)
* UI throws exception on single-server view (#1483)
* Fix incomplete constraints in ImageMetadata Model (#1255)
* Split initial_data.json to work around South "feature" (#1263)
* Fix missing snf-ganeti-instance-image package dependency (#1319)
* The kamaki client lib uses the root logger (#1337)
* The kamaki client lib fails to set server metadata (#1399)
* FIx bug causing HTTP 500 error on /invitations/login (#1407)
* Fix sort order of flavors, sort by actual characteristicts (#1429)
* Fix display of error modal boxes, do notrefresh or display another
error (#1433)
* Fix positioning of machines in "Destroying" (#1437)
* Fix Metadata button shown as clickable while it's not (#1441)
* Missing dependency on 'qemu-img' in snf-image-helper (#1484)
* Fix messages left in the queue due to unknown Ganeti opcodes (#1492)
2011-09-15, v0.6.2
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