Commit 11e79c1c authored by Christos Stavrakakis's avatar Christos Stavrakakis
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docs: Add ref to Changelog and NEWS for 0.14.10

parent 689ad0fc
......@@ -1821,6 +1821,7 @@ Changelog, NEWS
* v0.14.10 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.10>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.10>`
* v0.14.9 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.9>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.9>`
* v0.14.8 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.8>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.8>`
* v0.14.7 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.7>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.7>`
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