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FIXME: Describe Regex activation method
Setting quota limits
Set default quotas
In 20-snf-astakos-app-settings.conf,
uncomment the default setting ``ASTAKOS_SERVICES``
and customize the ``'uplimit'`` values.
These are the default base quotas for all users.
To apply your configuration run::
# snf-manage astakos-init --load-service-resources
# snf-manage astakos-quota --sync
Set base quotas for individual users
For individual users that need different quotas than the default
you can set it for each resource like this::
# use this to display quotas / uuid
# snf-manage user-show 'uuid or email'
# snf-manage user-set-initial-quota --set-capacity 'user-uuid' 'cyclades.vm' 10
# this applies the configuration
# snf-manage astakos-quota --sync --user 'user-uuid'
Enable the Projects feature
If you want to enable the projects feature so that users may apply
on their own for resources by creating and joining projects,
in ``20-snf-astakos-app-settings.conf`` set::
# this will allow at most one pending project application per user
# this will make the 'projects' page visible in the dashboard
When users apply for projects they are not automatically granted
the resources. They must first be approved by the administrator.
To list pending project applications in astakos::
# snf-manage project-list --pending
Note the last column, the application id. To approve it::
# <app id> from the last column of project-list
# snf-manage project-control --approve <app id>
To deny an application::
# snf-manage project-control --deny <app id>
Astakos advanced operations
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