Commit 0cb51bef authored by Markos Gogoulos's avatar Markos Gogoulos
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fix bug with vm.backendjobstatus

VirtualMachine models has attribute backendjobstatus instead of
parent 83969d4f
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ def get_rsapi_state(vm):
return "UNKNOWN"
# A machine is in REBOOT if an OP_INSTANCE_REBOOT request is in progress
if r == 'ACTIVE' and vm.backendopcode == 'OP_INSTANCE_REBOOT' and \
vm._backendjobstatus in ('queued', 'waiting', 'running'):
vm.backendjobstatus in ('queued', 'waiting', 'running'):
return "REBOOT"
return r
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