Commit 09aaefc8 authored by Christos Stavrakakis's avatar Christos Stavrakakis
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FIx bug in snf-burnin

"create_network" function of kamaki client, has default dchp=False.
However, "test_002_connect_to_network", expects to that created NICs
will have an IPv4 address, and "test_003a_setup_interface_A" tries
to configure eth1 to this IP, which fails.

This commit fixes this bug, by passing dchp=True argument to
create_network function.
parent 5bf409d1
......@@ -1123,7 +1123,8 @@ class NetworkTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
#previous_num = len(self.client.list_networks())
network = self.client.create_network(name, cidr='')
network = self.client.create_network(name, cidr='',
#Test if right name is assigned
self.assertEqual(network['name'], name)
......@@ -1201,8 +1202,8 @@ class NetworkTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
self.result_dict["Server B private IP"] = str(cls.priv_ip["B"])
self.assertIsNot(cls.priv_ip["A"], "")
self.assertIsNot(cls.priv_ip["B"], "")
self.assertIsNot(cls.priv_ip["A"], None)
self.assertIsNot(cls.priv_ip["B"], None)
def test_002a_reboot(self):
"""Rebooting server A"""
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