Commit 0796ce17 authored by Sofia Papagiannaki's avatar Sofia Papagiannaki
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pithos: Fix attribute copy

The newly created attributed used to point in the source node
instead of the destination

Refs: 3510
parent f7bbaad5
......@@ -918,17 +918,20 @@ class Node(DBWorker):
attributes = rp.fetchall()
for dest, domain, node, k, v in attributes:
select_src_node = select(
self.versions.c.serial == dest)
# insert or replace
s = self.attributes.update().where(and_(
self.attributes.c.serial == dest,
self.attributes.c.domain == domain,
self.attributes.c.key == k))
s = s.values(value=v)
s = s.values(node = select_src_node, value=v)
rp = self.conn.execute(s)
if rp.rowcount == 0:
s = self.attributes.insert()
s = s.values(serial=dest, domain=domain, node=node,
s = s.values(serial=dest, domain=domain, node=select_src_node,
is_latest=True, key=k, value=v)
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