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docs: Update debian install guide

Add Archipelago-imposed limitation to run gunicorn workers as root.
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......@@ -1228,6 +1228,23 @@ like this:
As of version 0.16 Pithos is backed by Archipelago. Pithos integrates with
Archipelago via a shared memory segment that is used to communicate with the
various Archipelago components. For more information regarding the Archipelago
internal architecture consult with the `Archipelago administrator's guide
At the moment, Archipelago runs with root permissions. To enable Pithos
integration with Archipelago, the Pithos gunicorn process needs elevated
permissions too. Otherwise, Pithos will fail to join the shared memory segment.
So, the default ``www-data`` user/group configuration of the gunicorn worker
will not work. You should change the corresponding values on
``/etc/gunicorn.d/synnefo`` to ``root``.
Please note that the above limitation will be lifted on the next version of
Stamp Database Revision
......@@ -2154,6 +2171,17 @@ Both files should be readable by the `vncauthproxy` user or group.
We have now finished with the basic Cyclades configuration.
Gunicorn worker
Cyclades uses Pithos backend library to access and store system and
user-provided images and snapshots. As stated on the Pithos gunicorn
configuration, currently the gunicorn worker that integrates with Pithos and as
a result with Archipelago must run as ``root``. You must change the default
``www-data`` user/group configuration of the gunicorn worker config to ``root``.
The config file should be located at ``/etc/gunicorn.d/synnefo``.
Database Initialization
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