Commit 0277d94f authored by Alex Pyrgiotis's avatar Alex Pyrgiotis
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deploy: Add `ADMIN_BASE_URL` in Admin conf

Add an `ADMIN_BASE_URL` setting in the admin.conf file. The value of
this setting is created in the same fashion as the values for
parent da14a8b5
## Uncomment the following line when admin is installed in a separate node.
## This setting cuts all other urls and uses only the urls of admin.
ADMIN_BASE_URL = 'https://%ADMIN%/admin'
......@@ -1569,8 +1569,11 @@ class Admin(base.Component):
return []
def _configure(self):
r1 = {
"ADMIN": self.ctx.admin.cname,
return [
("/etc/synnefo/admin.conf", {}, {})
("/etc/synnefo/admin.conf", r1, {})
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