Commit 0141c833 authored by Ilias Tsitsimpis's avatar Ilias Tsitsimpis

ci: Redesign CI scripts

Spawn VM to use as builder-slave.
Build packages inside this VM.
Deploy Synnefo using snf-deploy.
Run unit tests.
Run functional tests using burnin.
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#!/usr/bin/env python
Build Synnefo packages for debian
from utils import SynnefoCI
def autopkg_debian():
"""Build synnefo packages for debian"""
synnefo_ci = SynnefoCI()
if __name__ == "__main__":
#!/usr/bin/env python
Deploy Synnefo using snf-deploy
from utils import SynnefoCI
def deploy_synnefo():
"""Deploy Synnefo using snf-deploy"""
synnefo_ci = SynnefoCI()
if __name__ == "__main__":
#!/usr/bin/env python
Download Synnefo packages
from utils import SynnefoCI
def fetch_packages():
"""Download Synnefo packages"""
synnefo_ci = SynnefoCI()
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Timeouts in seconds
build_timeout = 240
# Apt repository to use
apt_repo = squeeze/
# Synnefo git repo
synnefo_repo =
# Git branch to test (specify sha1 or branch name)
synnefo_branch = HEAD
# snf-deploy git repo
deploy_repo =
# Defines the schema that snf-deploy will use
schema = one_node
# Local dir to save builded packages
pkgs_dir = /tmp/synnefo_pkgs
# If True patch the module (see Debian bug #657665)
patch_pydist = True
# Configuration of git (on remote server)
git_config_name = Buildbot
git_config_mail =
# Url to fetch ssh public keys
public_ssh_keys_url =
# Network address from which we allow access to server
filter_access_network =,
# Config file to save temporary options (eg IPs, passwords etc)
temporary_config = /tmp/ci_temp_conf
# Credentials
auth_url =
token =
# If we deploy on we have to set this to True
# The server will reside besides a NAT and we have to compute ssh port
deploy_on_io = True
# Server name to use for our machine
server_name = Synnefo Deployment
# Flavor ID to use
# (149 for production, 639 for
flavor_id = 639
# Image to use (name must contain this)
image_name = OldStable
# UUID of owner of system images
# (25ecced9-bf53-4145-91ee-cf47377e9fb2 for production,
# 04cbe33f-29b7-4ef1-94fb-015929e5fc06 for
system_uuid = 04cbe33f-29b7-4ef1-94fb-015929e5fc06
# Maybe add some burnin options
# (e.g. tests to run/ignore, timeouts etc)
cmd_options = --nofailfast --no-ipv6 --action-timeout=240
[Unit Tests]
component = astakos cyclades pithos
# Projects reside on this repo
projects =
#!/usr/bin/env python
Run burnin functional test suite
from utils import SynnefoCI
def run_burnin():
"""Run burnin functional test suite"""
synnefo_ci = SynnefoCI()
if __name__ == "__main__":
# whether to use apt-get or local generated package found in packages dir
use_local_packages = True
# url to obtain latest synnefo packages.
# To use them change USE_LOCAL_PACKAGES setting to yes
# To get them run: snf-deploy packages
package_url =
# dir to find all template files used to customize setup
# in case you want to add another setting please modify the corresponding file
templates = /var/lib/snf-deploy/files
# dir to store local images (disk0, disk1 of the virtual cluster)
images = /var/lib/snf-deploy/images
# dir to store/find local packages
# dir to locally save packages that will be downloaded from package_url
# put here any locally created packages (useful for development)
packages = /var/lib/snf-deploy/packages
# dir to store pidfiles (dnsmasq, kvm)
run = /var/run/snf-deploy
# dir to store dnsmasq related files
dns = /var/lib/snf-deploy/dnsmasq
# dir to lookup fabfile and ifup script
lib = /usr/lib/snf-deploy
# dir to store executed commands (to enforce sequential execution)
cmd = /var/run/snf-deploy/cmd
cluster_nodes = node1
master_node = node1
cluster_netdev = eth0
cluster_name = ganeti1
cluster_ip =
vg = autovg
synnefo_public_network_subnet =
synnefo_public_network_gateway =
synnefo_public_network_type = CUSTOM
image_dir = /srv/okeanos
# To add another cluster repeat the above section
# with different header and nodes
# please note that currently is only supported deployment
# with nodes (both ganeti and synnefo) residing in the same subnet/domain
domain =
subnet =
gateway =
node1 = auto1
# node2 = auto2
node1 =
# node2 =
# This is used only in case of vcluster
# needed to pass the correct dhcp responces to the virtual nodes
node1 = 52:54:00:00:00:01
# node2 = 52:54:00:00:00:02
# Here we define which nodes from the predefined ones to use
nodes = node1
# login credentials for the nodes
# please note that in case of vcluster these are preconfigured
# and not editable.
# in case of physical nodes all nodes should have the same login account
user = root
password = 12345
public_iface = eth0
vm_public_iface = eth1
vm_private_iface = eth2
# extra disk name inside the nodes
# if defined, snf-deploy will create a VG for ganeti in order to support lvm storage
# if not then only file disk template will be supported
extra_disk = /dev/vdb
rabbitmq-server = testing
gunicorn = squeeze-backports
qemu-kvm = squeeze-backports
qemu = squeeze-backports
python-gevent = squeeze-backports
apache2 =
postgresql =
python-psycopg2 =
python-argparse =
nfs-kernel-server = squeeze-backports
nfs-common = squeeze-backports
bind9 =
vlan =
vlan =
lvm2 =
curl =
memcached =
python-memcache =
bridge-utils =
python-progress =
ganeti-instance-debootstrap =
snf-astakos-app = stable
snf-common = stable
snf-cyclades-app = stable
snf-cyclades-gtools = stable
snf-django-lib = stable
python-astakosclient = stable
python-objpool = stable
snf-branding = stable
snf-webproject = stable
snf-pithos-app = stable
snf-pithos-backend = stable
snf-tools = stable
snf-ganeti = 2.6.2+ippool11+hotplug5+extstorage3+rbdfix1+kvmfix2+nolvm+netxen-1~squeeze
ganeti-htools = 2.6.2+ippool11+hotplug5+extstorage3+rbdfix1+kvmfix2+nolvm+netxen-1~squeeze
snf-cloudcms = stable
snf-vncauthproxy = stable
snf-pithos-webclient = stable
snf-image = stable
snf-network = stable
nfdhcpd = stable
kamaki = stable
python-bitarray = stable
nfqueue-bindings-python = stable
synnefo_user = synnefo
synnefo_db_passwd = example_passw0rd
synnefo_rapi_passwd = example_rapi_passw0rd
synnefo_rabbitmq_passwd = example_rabbitmq_passw0rd
user_email =
user_name = John
user_lastname = Doe
user_passwd = 12345
accounts = node1
compute = node1
object-store = node1
cyclades = node1
pithos = node1
cms = node1
db = node1
mq = node1
ns = node1
client = node1
router = node1
pithos_dir = /srv/pithos
vm_public_bridge = br0
vm_private_bridge = prv0
common_bridge = br0
debian_base_url =
# url to get the base image. This is a debian base image with preconfigured
# root password and installed rsa/dsa keys. Plus a NetworkManager hook that
# changes the VM's name based on info provided by dhcp response.
# To create it run: snf-deploy image
squeeze_image_url =
ubuntu_image_url =
# in order ganeti nodes to support lvm storage (plain disk template) it will
# be needed an extra disk to eventually be able to create a VG. Ganeti requires
# this VG to be at least of 30GB. To this end in order the virtual nodes to have
# this extra disk an image should be created locally. There are three options:
# 1. not create an extra disk (only file storage template will be supported)
# 2. create an image of 30G in image dir (default /var/lib/snf-deploy/images)
# using dd if=/dev/zero of=squeeze.disk1
# 3. create this image in a local VG using lvgreate -L30G squeeze.disk1 lvg
# and create a symbolic link in /var/lib/snf-deploy/images
# Whether to create an extra disk or not
create_extra_disk = False
# lvg is the name of the local VG if any
lvg =
# OS istalled in the virtual cluster
os = squeeze
# the bridge to use for the virtual cluster
# on this bridge we will launch a dnsnmasq and provide
# fqdns needed to the cluster.
# In ordrer cluster nodes to have internet access, host must do NAT.
# iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -j MASQUERADE
# ip addr add dev auto_nodes_br
# To create run: snf-deploy cluster
bridge = auto_nodes_br
#!/usr/bin/env python
Setup slave server
from utils import SynnefoCI
def setup_slave():
"""Setup slave server"""
synnefo_ci = SynnefoCI(cleanup_config=True)
# Get token from /nfs/token
token = open("/nfs/synnefo_token").read().strip()
synnefo_ci.write_config('token', token, 'Deployment')
# Build slave server
# Copy synnefo repo to server
if __name__ == "__main__":
#!/usr/bin/env python
Run Synnefo unit test suite
from utils import SynnefoCI
def unit_test():
"""Run Synnefo unit test suite"""
synnefo_ci = SynnefoCI()
if __name__ == "__main__":
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