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    cyclades: Series of fixes regarding networks & ips · eea48fa9
    Christos Stavrakakis authored
    * Do not delete the network from the DB if it has associated floating
      IPs. This should never be the case because a check is made before
      deleting the network, however this check is added for safety.
    * Do not allow deleting a network if there are still ports configured on
      on that network. Until now this check was for machines, but there may
      be ports that are not connected to any machine.
    * Delete subnet IP pools when network is deleted.
    * Get network in locked mode in network-remove cmd.
    * Log error if trying to release an IPv4 address that does not belong to
      any of the IP pools of the associated subnet.
    * Excluded deleted IPv4 addresses when reconciling IP pools.
    * Do not set the network action to destroy when removing network from
      some backend.
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