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    Varous fixes to cyclades-usage-verify command · ceb968d4
    Christos Stavrakakis authored
    Extend 'cyclades-usage-verify' management command to cover the usage of
    'cyclades-reset-usage' and remove the second one. The new command
    reconciles resources(usage) by detecting inconsistencies between the
    usage of resources in Astakos and Cyclades DB and fixing them by issuing
    a commission with the difference of the usage in DB and Astakos. If
    there is a pending commission for a resource, reconciliation for this
    resource is skipped. Refs #3627
    Also, make this command do not consider only users that exist in
    Cyclades DB, but also users that exist in Quotaholder. For such users,
    it is assumed that they have zero usage for all Cyclades resources.
    Refs #3606 #3491
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