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    Handle max pending applications as a quotable resource · c02fa17e
    Giorgos Korfiatis authored
    Assume a resource `astakos.pending_app' related to service `astakos'.
    On submitting an application, issue a commission that will update the
    related counter if possible, and accept the commission on success.
    On approving/denying/cancelling an application, update the counter
    We always charge the application `owner'; however, if the `applicant'
    is a project admin, we issue commission in force mode which succeeds
    even if it exceeds the limit.
    In order to pre-emptively check in the UI, follow the same process in
    `dry run' mode, which issues a commission and rejects it on success.
    Remove option of user-update to set its limit.
    Refs #3349
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