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    cyclades: Fix bug in handling of reboot type. · 6b9f1b3f
    Christos Stavrakakis authored
    'type' attribute of reboot OS API call was directly mapped to the
    'reboot_type' option of Ganeti reboot job. However these two are
    semantically different. The 'SOFT' and 'HARD' reboot types of OS API are
    mapped to 'shutdown_timeout' option of Ganeti jobs. However, setting
    this option from Ganeti RAPI is not supported. Until implemented, we
    will map both types to 'hard' ganeti reboot, and fallback to default
    shutdown timeout of Ganeti (120s).
    Also, modify UI to not set the 'HARD' reboot type and fallback to
    default option of API which is 'SOFT'.
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