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    cyclades: Refactor reconciliation of pools · 33fe9eb8
    Christos Stavrakakis authored
    Move reconciliation of IP pools from 'snf-manage reconcile-networks'
    to 'snf-manage reconcile-pools'. Also change the way reconciliation
    works: Instead of reconciling the IP pools in DB with the IP pools in
    Ganeti, the new reconciliation just checks that:
    * there is no IPv4 address that is used by more than one NICs
    * the only reserved values in the pools are the ones that are currently
      used by NICs
    The reason why reconciliation of pools with Ganeti has been removed is
    that there are too many race conditions, and that it may result in
    strange incosistencies. As far as external reservations is concerned,
    the new reconciliation mechanism just checks that each IP that is
    reserved in a Ganeti backend is also reserved in the Cyclades DB.
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