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    cyclades: extend VM info with 'port_forwarding' · 05d32a11
    Christos Stavrakakis authored
    Extend servers info API response with 'SNF:port_forwarding' attribute,
    describing port fowarding rules (DNAT) that are applied to vms. The
    description of such rules is done via the new CYCLADES_PORT_FORWARDING
    setting. This setting can be either a dictionary mapping to ports to
    tuples of (host, port), or a callable object that must return such a
    tuple.   The caller will pass to the callable the following positional
    arguments, in the following order:
    * server_id: The ID of the VM in the DB
    * ip_address: The IPv4 address of the public VM NIC
    * fqdn: The FQDN of the VM
    * user: The UUID of the owner of the VM
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