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    cyclades: Fix default/forced server networking · 056eee6c
    Christos Stavrakakis authored
    Fix the default behaviour for networking of servers that are being
    created. There are two settings controlling this behaviour:
    * CYCLADES_DEFAULT_SERVER_NETWORKS: This setting contains list of
      networks to connect a newly created server to, if the user has not
      specified them explicitly in the POST /server API call. Each member of
      the list may be a network UUID, a tuple of network UUIDs,
      "SNF:ANY_PUBLIC_IPV4" [any public network with an IPv4 subnet
      defined], "SNF:ANY_PUBLIC_IPV6 [any public network with only an IPV6 subnet
      defined],  or "SNF:ANY_PUBLIC" [any public network].
      Access control and quota policy are enforced, just as if the user had
      specified the value of CYCLADES_DEFAULT_SERVER_NETWORKS in the content
      of the POST /call, after processing of "SNF:*" directives.
      Default value: ["SNF:ANY_PUBLIC"]
    * CYCLADES_FORCED_SERVER_NETWORKS: This setting contains a list of
      networks which every new server will be forced to connect to,
      regardless of the contents of the POST /servers call, or the value of
      CYCLADES_DEFAULT_SERVER_NETWORKS.  Its format is identical to that of
     No access control or quota policy are enforced.  The server will get
     all IPv4/IPv6 addresses needed to connect to the networks specified in
     CYCLADES_FORCED_SERVER_NETWORKS, regardless of the state of the
     floating IP pool of the user, and without allocating any floating IPs.
     Default value: ["SNF:ANY_PUBLIC_IPV6"]
    Also this commit changes how API handles requests that specify a public
    network without specifying a floating IP address: If the request does
    not contain the 'fixed_ip' attribute, the server will try to
    automatically use one of the free floating IP addresses of the user
    that are allocated from the specified network.
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