Commit b8e8a8f9 authored by John Giannelos's avatar John Giannelos
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Fixed pyflakes error

parent 5b763467
from snfOCCI.config import SERVER_CONFIG
from kamaki.clients.compute import ComputeClient
from kamaki.clients.cyclades import CycladesClient
from kamaki.config import Config
from occi.backend import ActionBackend, KindBackend
from occi.extensions.infrastructure import COMPUTE, START, STOP, SUSPEND, RESTART
from occi.extensions.infrastructure import START, STOP, SUSPEND, RESTART
from occi.exceptions import HTTPError
......@@ -37,7 +33,6 @@ class ComputeBackend(MyBackend):
for mixin in entity.mixins:
if mixin.related[0].term == 'os_tpl':
image = mixin
image_id = mixin.attributes['']
if mixin.related[0].term == 'resource_tpl':
flavor = mixin
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