Commit b46572ab authored by John Giannelos's avatar John Giannelos
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Fixed compute instances identifiers

parent 0e338141
from occi import registry
class snfRegistry(registry.NonePersistentRegistry):
def add_resource(self, key, resource, extras):
key = resource.kind.location + resource.attributes['']
resource.identifier = key
super(snfRegistry, self).add_resource(key, resource, extras)
#!/usr/bin/env python
from registry import snfRegistry
from kamaki.clients.compute import ComputeClient
from kamaki.clients.cyclades import CycladesClient
from kamaki.config import Config
from occi.core_model import Mixin
from occi.core_model import Mixin,Entity,Resource
from occi.backend import ActionBackend, KindBackend, MixinBackend
from occi.extensions.infrastructure import COMPUTE, START, STOP, SUSPEND, RESTART, RESOURCE_TEMPLATE, OS_TEMPLATE
......@@ -143,16 +144,17 @@ class MyAPP(Application):
def __call__(self, environ, response):
print 'Using authentication token:'
print environ['HTTP_AUTH_TOKEN']
#TODO up-to-date compute instances
# token will be represented in self.extras
return self._call_occi(environ, response, security = None, token = environ['HTTP_AUTH_TOKEN'])
if __name__ == '__main__':
APP = MyAPP(registry = snfRegistry())
COMPUTE_BACKEND = ComputeBackend()
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