Commit a52740b1 authored by Kostas Vogias's avatar Kostas Vogias Committed by Stavros Sachtouris

Patch OpenStackHelper with storage function map

parent 331d6afc
......@@ -17,17 +17,19 @@ from ooi.wsgi import OCCIMiddleware
from ooi.api.helpers import OpenStackHelper
from soi.config import KEYSTONE_URL
from soi.synnefo import AstakosClient, AUTH_URL
from soi import utils, compute
from soi import utils, compute, storage
from kamaki.clients import ClientError
utils.patch_class_methods(OpenStackHelper, compute.function_map)
utils.patch_class_methods(OpenStackHelper, storage.function_map)
REDIRECT_MSG = '401 - redirect to: {URL}'
class SNFOCCIMiddleware(OCCIMiddleware):
"""Synnefo wrapper for OCCIMiddleware"""
def __call__(self, environ, response, *args, **kwargs):
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