Commit 2bd4ca03 authored by John Giannelos's avatar John Giannelos
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Fixed related mixins to up-to-date instances

parent dcb17973
......@@ -57,13 +57,21 @@ class MyAPP(Application):
resources = self.registry.resources
occi_keys = resources.keys()
#Compute instances in synnefo not available in registry
diff = [x for x in snf_keys if '/compute/'+x not in occi_keys]
for key in diff:
details = snf.get_server_details(int(key))
flavor = snf.get_flavor_details(details['flavorRef'])
image = snf.get_image_details(details['imageRef'])
resource = Resource(key, COMPUTE, [])
for i in self.registry.backends:
if i.term == str(image['name']):
rel_image = i
if i.term == str(flavor['name']):
rel_flavor = i
resource = Resource(key, COMPUTE, [rel_flavor, rel_image])
resource.actions = [START]
resource.attributes[''] = key
resource.attributes['occi.compute.state'] = 'inactive'
......@@ -71,9 +79,9 @@ class MyAPP(Application):
resource.attributes['occi.compute.cores'] = flavor['cpu']
resource.attributes['occi.compute.memory'] = flavor['ram']
resource.attributes['occi.compute.hostname'] = SERVER_CONFIG['hostname'] % {'id':int(key)}
self.registry.add_resource(key, resource, None)
#Compute instances in registry not available in synnefo
diff = [x for x in occi_keys if x[9:] not in snf_keys]
for key in diff:
self.registry.delete_resource(key, None)
......@@ -87,9 +95,10 @@ class MyAPP(Application):
cyclClient = CycladesClient(conf)
#Up-to-date flavors and images
self.refresh_images(compClient, cyclClient)
self.refresh_flavors(compClient, cyclClient)
# token will be represented in self.extras
return self._call_occi(environ, response, security = None, token = environ['HTTP_AUTH_TOKEN'], snf = compClient, client = cyclClient)
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