Commit 1dd10f79 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Implement get_flavors functionality

parent 50a4ba53
......@@ -20,14 +20,32 @@ from soi.synnefo import AstakosClient, AUTH_URL
def snf_index(cls, req):
"""Synnefo-compliant method"""
"""Synnefo: list servers"""
req.environ['service_type'] = 'compute'
req.environ['method_name'] = 'servers_get'
response = req.get_response(
return cls.get_from_response(response, "servers", [])
def snf_get_flavors(cls, req):
"""Synnefo: list flavors"""
req.environ['service_type'] = 'compute'
req.environ['method_name'] = 'flavors_get'
req.environ['kwargs'] = {'detail': True}
response = req.get_response(
return cls.get_from_response(response, 'flavors', [])
OpenStackHelper.index = snf_index
OpenStackHelper.get_flavors = snf_get_flavors
# Test ground
from soi.log import reveale_cme
# end test ground
class SNFOCCIMiddleware(OCCIMiddleware):
......@@ -35,9 +53,6 @@ class SNFOCCIMiddleware(OCCIMiddleware):
def __call__(self, environ, response, *args, **kwargs):
"""Check request for essential AUTH-related headers, early"""
print environ
if 'HTTP_X_AUTH_TOKEN' not in environ:
print "No token provided, redirect to Astavoms"
status = '401 Not Authorized'
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